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[Book Feature & Excerpt] Snow by Kathryn Hewitt

by Kathryn Hewitt

Book Genre Religious Fiction/ YA (13+ or 7th grade)
Publisher Westbow Press, Inc A Thomas Nelson Division
Release Date May 2012

Snow is a fiction novel, based on true events, about the struggles of a teenage girl and the consequences of a devastating mistake. Whether readers are young adults, exploring their sexuality for the first time, or an older adult, struggling to understand their teenage daughter, everyone will have a character in which to relate.

Young adults will be gripped by the reality and bluntness of it's characters. Parents will appreciate the censorship of otherwise “uncomfortable” topics. With sexuality among young adults beginning at an early age, "family values" are now being pushed back into the forefront of parental teaching. Snow influences people with Christian values, such as sexual abstinence, pro-life advocacy, and prayer, without pushing God as the subject of the book. Biblically based information is strategically scattered throughout the novel with dialect and personal thoughts.

The protagonist's quest to discover the path she needs to take unearths findings of a secret life, lead by her boyfriend. With two lives at stake, readers will eagerly anticipate the outcome only to find themselves with lessons and warnings about the consequences of making detrimental mistakes. Comfort will be found in understanding that God is bigger than any situation and He catches ever tear. Miracles so often go unnoticed, yet powerfully affect those they touch. Snow will set the stage for future novels reflective of countless miracles and divine intervention.

Mrs. Davis grabbed Luke by the arm and pulled him along behind
her as she purposefully marched toward the bar. After ordering a
Grey Goose martini, she turned around to face Luke.
"You know why I brought you over here," she glared at him,
her voice shaking with anger.
"Yeah, I know." Luke sat on the bar stool and folded his arms
on the counter.
"What are you going to do about this, Luke?"
"I don't know, Mom. She wants to have it."
"You can't allow that to happen. You know that."
"I can't make her do it." Luke ran his hands through his un-gelled
hair. " And her mom! She just won't stop interfering. She
had this church lady come over yesterday and talk to Ruth about
having the abortion. That lady managed to change her mind,
because, believe it or not, I did have her convinced."
Mrs. Davis sipped her martini and lit a cigarette.
"Well, we have to get rid of this one. You can't have two of
these things hanging over your head for the next eighteen years."
"I don't know how to convince her." He laughed as he said,
"I told her, when we first found out, that I'd hire someone to beat
her up and make her miscarry."
Mrs. Davis chuckled, "Or you could just kill her."
"Mother, please."
Mrs. Davis tapped the ashes off her cigarette and motioned
for Luke to leave. "Don't worry; I'll take care of this. Tell her to
come here."
Luke got off the bar stool and went into the arcade. He should
have gone straight to look for Ruth, but part of him didn't want
his mom to convince her to have the abortion. He loved how
sweet and obedient Ruth was and didn't want to lose her. His
eye caught a military game, so he headed over, ready to release
some frustration.

A little bit about Kathryn ...

Kathryn Hewitt was born and raised in the small town of Camden, South Carolina. Breaking away from becoming a statistic, she was an Honors Graduate from Camden High School and went on to study British Literature and Sociology at Charleston Southern University, inspiring to teach High School English.
Kathryn has a passion for teaching teenagers and reaching out to those who seem as though the world has closed the door. Because of her own experiences, including becoming a teenage mother at fifteen, Kathryn knows the value of life and the blessings it contains. Understanding the importance of making wise decisions, Kathryn passionately seeks to instill that wisdom into the minds of every young lady she encounters. The inspiration for Kathryn's writings comes from her own experiences, and she is never afraid to speak the truth that others refuse to acknowledge.
Kathryn married in 2005 and is a stay at home mom with her four sons. She and her family currently live in the same town she grew up.


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