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Are you ready to join the fight? Author of Jack Templar Monster Hunter Jeff Gunhus Interviews Jack

Character Interview with Author Jeff Gunhus

Jeff Gunhus grew up in Cyprus, Greece, and Saudi Arabia where there was a distinct lack of television. He quickly found books were the gateway to incredible adventures, fascinating characters and unbelievable discoveries. Now, with five children of his own (all who watch too much television, in his opinion), he has enjoyed revisiting his old books and reliving those adventures all over again.

Jeff Interviews Jack

Jeff Gunhus here. I’ve been asked to interview Jack Templar today for inclusion
in the Mom With A Kindle blog. As you may know, I’ve helped Jack get his story
on paper about the night be learned he was a monster hunter. He told the story
reluctantly and I had to talk him into doing this interview. I think you’ll see why.

Me: Jack, thanks for agreeing do to this interview.

Jack: I still don’t think this is a good idea.

Me: Why don’t you explain why.

Jack: You know very well why. The book you were supposed to ensure only was
given to other hunters around the world got out and now everyone’s reading it.

Me: And that’s a problem because…

Jack: Because despite the warnings in the beginning of the book that it’s a
true story, people still don’t believe it. The act of reading the book attracts the
attention of the monsters in the area. Readers are finding themselves being
tracked by werewolves, vampires, zombies, you name it.

Me: But you warn them that—

Jack: That if they read the book they better be ready to join the fight…because
the monsters are real and they’re going to come after them. I just wish people
took the warning more seriously.

Me: Any advice to young monster hunters out there?

Jack: Sure, if you’re under fourteen, you’re still covered by the Rule of
Quattuordecim. That’s the ancient truce between man and monster that kids on
both side of the war are off-limits until sundown on their fourteenth birthday. Don’t
blow it by getting into a fight with a Creach monster. Once you do, the truce is
void and you’re fair game. There will be plenty of time for fighting later so wait
until you turn fourteen.

Me: What can they do now to help?

Jack: Keep a look out for monsters in your town. If you think you spot one, report
them on the Monster Sightings Page on

Me: What if they accidentally get into a fight with a Creach before they’re

Jack: Then you better learn how to fight monsters…fast. I have some tips on
the same website. It has some cool videos on how to swordfight, how to spot
monsters, etc. The most important thing though is to join other hunters in your
area. You don’t want to face the monsters alone.

Me: What Creach monster do you think is the hardest to fight?

Jack: Well, I guess fighting the Lord of Darkness, Ren Lucre is about as tough
as it gets. But, on a regular day-to-day basis, demons are the hardest. They can
possess the body of any living creature so they can come from anywhere. And
they are super tough to kill.

Me: How’s Eva?

Jack: She’s fine.

Me: Anything going on between the two of you?

Jack: What do you mean?

Me: I thought you two, you know, had some chemistry going on. You know, that
whole kiss thing.

Jack: OK, I think we’re done here.

Me: Wait, come back.

Jack: I’ve got monsters to hunt and a quest to complete.

Me: A quest? Tell us about that.

Jack: Check your mailbox. I sent you a new book to edit. I explain everything in
there. If you thought the last book was nuts, what’s happened since then is way
more intense. Frankly, I’m lucky to still be talking to you.

Me: What should we call the new book?

Jack: You decide.

Me: How about, “The Monster Hunter Academy. Book Two of The Templar

Jack: Sounds great. I hope I stay alive long enough for there to be a third book! I
can’t stay in one place too long, so I’ve got to go.

Me: Hey, Jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Me: Do your duty.

Jack: Come what may. You can count on it.

Thanks so much Jeff and Jack for being here with us today and sharing a little about what's going on in the book. And Jack...I um....hope every thing turns out ok.

Jack Templar Monster Hunter
by Jeff Gunhus
 Paperback, 196 pages
Published October 10th 2012 by Seven Guns Press

Orphan Jack Templar has no memory of his parents and only the smallest details from his Aunt Sophie about how they died. The day before Jack's fourteenth birthday, things start to change for him. At first it's great: A sudden new strength helps him defend his nose-picking friend "T-Rex" from the school bully, and even his crush, Cindy Adams, takes notice. But then a mysterious girl named Eva arrives and tells him two facts that will change his life forever. First, that he's the descendent of a long line of monster hunters and he's destined to be in the family business. Second, that there's a truce between man and monster that children are off-limits...until their fourteenth birthday! Jack has only one day before hundreds of monsters will descend on his little town of Sunnyvale and try to kill him.

As if that weren't enough, things get even more complicated when Jack discovers that the Lord of the Creach (as the monsters are collectively known) holds a personal grudge against him and will do anything to see that Jack has a slow and painful death. To stay alive and save his friends, Jack will have to battle werewolves, vampires, harpies, trolls, zombies and more. But perhaps the most dangerous thing he must face is the truth about his past. Why do the other hunters call him the last Templar? Why do they whisper that he may be the "One?" Why do the monsters want him dead so badly? Even as these questions plague him, he quickly discovers survival is his new full-time job and that in the world of monster hunters, nothing is really what it seems.


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Thanks for hosting Jack and I. I kind of love your site...even without my book on it! It has a great feel to it and the content is top-notch. I look forward to being your fan and getting the latest on great new books that you find. Thanks again!