Friday, December 13, 2013

VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR [Gretchen's Top Five Movie List] Lady of the Dead (Night World Series Book 1) by Gretchen S. B.

Lady of the Dead
Night World Series 
Book 1
Gretchen S. B.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 9781311214874

Number of pages: 262
Word Count: ~93, 000

Cover Artist: Gretchen S. B.

Book Description:

A Lady of the Dead only comes along once in a century. Gwen knows this makes her valuable but she hates the constant supervision of her Warrior guards. Her increasing power has gifted her some independence until rumors of war spook her guards enough to report to the King

Cesar has been King of North America through several wars and rebellions. When one of his generals informs him these new rumors involve the Lady of the Dead he flies to Seattle himself it investigate, posing as his second-in-command. The instant attraction he feels to Gwen becomes increasingly hard to ignore.

Will Cesar be able to protect Gwen while battling his lust? Will Gwen stay with her warrior guards or will Cesar’s dominating nature push her to switch sides? Hidden alliances begin to surface in Lady of the Dead.

Gretchen's Top Five Movie List

I know, it has nothing to do with my paranormal romance book, but I wanted to shaking things up a bit and talk about something other than writing. So by all means, add your top fives and let me know what you think of mine. 

Brotherhood of the Wolf
A funny thing about this movie is when I saw this movie in theaters with my father I had no idea it was a foreign film. It was a surprise when the film started and everyone was speaking French. This movie is loosely based on historical events. Two men are sent by the king to provincial France to investigate animal attack on the local citizens. A warning, there is nudity and violence. The costuming and cinematography are lovely. Not to mention Manny is quite nice to watch.

Practical Magic
Who doesn't love this movie? It is a story of two sisters who happen to be witches with a family curse against 'any man who would dare love an Owens woman'. I like the strong female characters and the dialogue. The aunts are my favorite.

Ghostbusters (Both 1 & 2)
I have a slight obsession with these movies. I used to watch the first one all the time as a young kid and the second was the first movie I ever saw in theaters. I have most, if not all, of both of these movies memorized.  How can you beat lines like, 'Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!'

The Saint
This 90s movie is based on an old comic book I believe. It is about an orphan that grows up to be a professional thief (played by the yummy Val Kilmer). The story takes follows him through, what he believes, will be his last job. During the job he falls for Elizabeth Shue's character and he finds it harder to complete his job.

Bride & Prejudice
This is basically a Bollywoodesque version of Pride & Prejudice. I love the songs and the interesting twist on the classic story. One of the cool things about this movie is that it has cast, crew, and filmed in India, England, and the USA. 

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