Thursday, December 5, 2013

COVER REVEAL~Rivals and Renegades by J.D. Nock (The Hurley Vance Series #2)

Rivals and Renegades 
by J.D. Nock 
(The Hurley Vance Series #2) 
Publication date: March, 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult

Hurley Vance. It is a name spray painted on alley walls, and spoken in careful whispers. But to Lessers, it’s more than a name.
As a deranged Financial Minister and an arrogant President grapple for control over an obedient population, a violated Lesser underclass can only wait and see which dictator triumphs. 22-year-old Hurley Vance embarks on a plan to manipulate the warring Equals and liberate Evangeline Street, an imprisoned rebel leader idolized by her followers. Alongside a brutally rough friend named Sig Jaxson, Hurley leads a troublesome band of Lesser renegades. They are out to stoke a revolution, and defend a group of people who have been abused for far too long.

But the oppressors are everywhere. Roaming Watchers prowl the streets. District Speakers champion thoughts of forced equality. Filtering Houses cleanse literature, and Alteration Clinics punish the different. Unfortunately for Equal statesmen and their worshiping legions, Hurley Vance is determined to end their reign.