Friday, May 17, 2013

BOOK TOUR [INTERVIEW & TRAILER] The Wife of a Lesser Man by Sandy Appleyard

The Wife of a Lesser Man
by Sandy Appleyard

They were deeply in love, their days and nights filled with scintillating romance and passionate love making—even after 20 years of marriage. Then fate delivered a hammer blow when a heart attack led to Mark’s impotency and Shelley’s unbearable frustration.

Encouraged by a friend, Shelley becomes flirtatious and unfaithful, finding those moments of glorious intimacy for which she hungered with another man. Mark, a police chief, suspects nothing as he channels all his time and energy into tracking down a serial killer. But when the murderer leaves a terrifying final clue too close to home, only Shelley can solve the case.

This is Sandy's fourth self-published book and her second novel. Her first romantic mystery, Blessed and Betrayed was received very well by readers and reviewers and was given an average of 4.25 stars on Goodreads and Amazon.

Sandy wrote her first two books, which are memoirs, while her children were infants. The Message in Dad's Bottle is about her father, who tragically passed at the age of 41 from alcoholism, and I'll Never Wear a Backless Dress tells Sandy's personal story about her life with Scoliosis.

Sandy is a full time writer and when she isn't writing she's reading, exercising, playing with her children, her cat, or obsessively cleaning her house

Do you like the spotlight or lurking in the shadows?
I like a combination of both.  When it comes to sharing my experiences with writing and promoting, I like to take the spotlight in order to help others.  As far as writing itself, I close my virtual doors as you’ll see on my Facebook page, I post that I’m heading ‘into the writing vault’ and as such, I remain quiet and don’t share much.

How many books are in your TBR pile?
24 books currently, but I know of at least 10 that aren’t on there yet.  I try to read a book every two weeks and write an honest review to post on my blog and on Goodreads.

What is next on your to read list?
Next is some work by @JacksonArthurUS, a fellow indie author.

What one item would you eat for the rest of your life?
I’m a foodie, so that’s a tough one.  My tastes typically go in waves since I’m gluten intolerant most of the time.  Right now I’m hooked on gluten free bagels with Skippy peanut butter (also gluten free).

What is the last thing you bought?
I’m glad you asked that after Mother’s Day.  Surprisingly I’m not much of a shopper (other than for food-since I’m a foodie), but I just finished having a girl’s day with my Mother and I bought some much needed summer clothes and a bathing suit.

Pet Peeves?
Real life drama.  The kind that people post on Facebook and other sites that is simply disrespectful and completely impulsive and hurtful.  Nobody likes to read your dirty laundry.  Vent to a friend offline, gain some perspective and then share your learning experience-negativity free.

Pizza or Pasta?
Pasta for sure.  In fact, one of my faves is rigatoni.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
Most people don’t know that I have severe bilateral Scoliosis.  You can’t tell by looking at me, but if you check out my x-rays, it’s right there.  My back is literally shaped like an ‘S’, fifty degrees each way.  Too look at me you can’t see it, so most people are surprised to learn about it, especially after having read my first book, which is a memoir about living with Scoliosis.

If you had 24 hours alone how would you spend it?
You’re only allowed one guess…yes, I would write.  Maybe read some too.

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?
If it’s a person whom I’ve known I would say my Dad who died of alcoholism in 1992.  But a person whom I’ve never met, I would have to say the late Princess Diana.  She will always remain an idol of mine.  One of my dreams is to go to England and visit all the places she lived and visited or was a part of.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m having a deja vous here… guess….yeah, I write in my spare time.  No surprises there.

Can you share a little about the current title you are working on?
My current release, ‘The Wife of a Lesser Man’, is a romantic suspense about a married police chief (Mark) who suffers a heart attack right before a serial killer strikes.  He is left impotent and just as he begins to track down the killer; he realizes his wife (Shelley) is having an affair.  The story has many twists; one involving a co-worker of Mark’s who is hiding his wife’s grave illness despite cutting corners in the murder investigation.  Shelley’s single friend Sarah proves to be both a rose and a thorn; she’s supportive during Mark’s convalescence, but she’s also the one who encourages Shelley to flirt and socialize with other men, leading Shelley into temptation.

The sequel to ‘The Wife of a Lesser Man’ is complete and in the editing/beta reading phase.  This story surrounds Mark and Shelley’s eldest daughter Jessica and her boyfriend Michael.  Michael is a stock broker who gets involved in a scam with a former co-worker.  Entwined in the story is Michael and Jessica’s romance, which seems to be almost one-sided.  There is a kidnapping and a murder or two which leads Mark to the kidnapper and tests Michael’s love for Jessica.  There are lots of twists in the plot, similar to the first in the series.  Readers will definitely walk away wanting to hug their spouse a little tighter, just like most felt after reading ‘The Wife of a Lesser Man’.

Sandy, Thanks for being here today! :)

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