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BLOG TOUR {Character Bio's & Giveaway} The Golden Couple by Stephanie Karpinske

The Golden Couple
by Stephanie Karpinske
Release date: February 23, 2013
Genre:  Science Fiction/Romance/Thriller
Age Group: Young Adult

Book Description for The Golden Couple:
In this action-packed second installment of The Samantha Project series, Samantha and Erik go on a search to find a way to save themselves from the genetic time bomb ticking away in their cells. Along the way, they discover a shocking secret--one they wish they were never told!

Although Samantha's boyfriend, Colin, is back now, her feelings for Erik are getting stronger by the minute. It isn't long before she finally learns the real reason why she can't resist Erik. But only after she's gone too far with him! So far that Colin may never forgive her.

GlobalLife Genetics continues to pursue Samantha and they'll stop at nothing to get her. Sam still doesn't understand what GlobalLife's plan is for her but she knows it's something big. And she knows it isn't good.

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A little about Stephanie ...

A former editor for a publishing company, Stephanie Karpinske has worked on several bestselling nonfiction books. Now she freelances full-time, writing for a variety of books and national magazines. The Samantha Project is her debut YA novel and is the first in The Samantha Project series. Stephanie lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Character Bios

Samantha. At age 17, Samantha learns that she’s part of a genetic enhancement project and starts developing the powers that come from those genes. Those powers include the ability to read minds and to dream about future events. The genes also give her enhanced strength, vision, and hearing. But Sam will keep developing powers as she gets older.

Erik. He was also part of GlobalLife’s genetic enhancement project. He was raised in a lab but escaped when Jack, a scientist who was against the project, rescued him. Jack kept Erik hidden until Samantha found him, putting him on GlobalLife’s radar again. Erik has some, but not all, of Samantha’s powers. But Erik has had powers longer than Sam has so is better at using them.

Colin. Samantha’s high school boyfriend. He’s the popular all-star athlete. Quarterback of the football team. He’s been friends with Sam since childhood and loves her more than anything.

Jack. An expert in computer software and genetic science. He used to work at GlobalLife until he learned what they were doing to human genes. He took Erik from GlobalLife when he was just 5 years old. He faked Erik’s death so GlobalLife would never look for him.

Brittany. The twin sister Samantha just recently learned existed. GlobalLife made her, too. She’s the control in the experiment. But the question is why they insist on keeping her around now that they know Samantha, their experiment, is a success.

Dave. A close friend of Samantha’s parents, Dave is like an uncle to Sam. Dave attended MIT with Jack and is also an expert in computers and genetics. He worked for GlobalLife until just recently, but claims that GlobalLife forced him to work there against his will. He knew about The Samantha Project since Sam was born but never told her or her parents.

Allie. Samantha’s best friend from high school. Allie is an only child and comes from a wealthy family. She’s been friends with Sam since they were kids. But as Sam learns more about her past, she starts to wonder if Allie was really her friend all those years. 

Preston Owens. A billionaire involved with GlobalLife and The Samantha Project. He’s on the GlobalLife Board of Directors and is also one of The Founders.

The Founders. An elite secret society made up of world leaders, high ranking members of the military, politicians, judges, and other wealthy influential people. This group funds The Samantha Project and will be the first to benefit from it.

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