Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BLOG TOUR [Interview] Requiem for Blood by Alexandra Hope

Requiem for Blood
by Alexandra Hope
Publication: February 7th 2013
Genre: Upper YA Paranormal/Dark Fantasy

Marrying East Asian mythology with Western folklore, this novel has a surprising twist for fans of the paranormal genre!

Seventeen year old Olivia Cohen has also had an appetite for blood and an aversion to the sun as a human and when she is killed by a mysterious young woman, she finds her appetite has heightened and her skin is now burned by the sun. Living her life in a colony with other people who live a "vampire-like" lifestyle, she has grown up hunting humans and believing there is a blood so powerful it will turn them from vampire-like into true vampires. On one of Olivia's final nights as a human she meets eighteen year old Troy Evans and is immediately drawn to the unique scent of his blood. Now as an actual vampire, she must learn how to suppress her need to hunt and kill for his sake and decide if his unique blood is worth saving from those who seek it.

16+ for dark themes.

Alexandra Hope was born in New York, raised in Atlanta and has lived in Germany for the past three years. She writes pretty much whatever she feels like and for her debut novel she chose ninja-like vampires. She's a (Linguistic) Anthropology major, language lover, vocalist in a Japanese band and part-time bad fanfic writer.

Do you like the spotlight or lurking in the shadows?
Definitely prefer the shadows. I think it's a bit scary and overwhelming to own even a bit of the spotlight.

How many books are in your TRB pile?
About fifty or so and I'm so behind!

What is next on your to read list?
Insurgent, because I'm reading Divergent extremely slowly for some reason.

What one item would you eat for the rest of your life?
Sushi! Specifically unagi (eel).

What is the last thing you bought?
A really cute pair of floral print jeans from H&M.

Pet Peeves?
I don't believe I have any. So weird.

Pizza or Pasta?
I would choose pizza ONLY if it's from Mellow Mushroom or Joey's (in Germany), but really neither as they do nothing for my girlish figure (laughs).

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I'm a linguaphile, so my immense love of languages and words has compelled me to learn how to say greetings and count to twenty or at least use simple phrases in about thirty languages.

If you had 24 hours alone how would you spend it?
Watch as much Fullmetal Alchemist as I could in 24 hours!

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?
I don't know if anyone is familiar with her, but Hibari Misora. She was a singer in Japan and I absolutely love her songs which everyone should give a listen to one day.

What do you do in your free time?
The simplest way to describe what I do in my free time is this: I used to get X's (that's a bad thing by the way) on my report card  under “Uses time wisely” and this remains true to this day so short answer, nothing. I am extraordinarily lazy.

Can you share a little about the current title you are working on?
I have ideas for days but nothing concrete, unfortunately. The closest thing I have to currently working on is a story about people who fight with their shadows. My husband says he's heard of a story or a video game that already had that premise but I haven't heard of it, so.... onwards I go with that idea.

Thank you soooo very much for allowing me the chance to ramble about myself. Hope it was fairly interesting as I enjoyed your questions. :)

Thank you! And I really enjoyed your answers! :)

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No pet peeves!? I have like a million haha it must be so freeing! >.<

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Fox spirit!