Wednesday, February 6, 2013

[Promo & Excerpt] Tears of the (Fallen Tears of the Fallen #1) by K.M.Hager

Tears of the Fallen
Tears of the Fallen Book One
by K.M.Hager
Genre: YA Fantasy
Cover Artist: K.M.Hager

 Book Description:

Amy Coleman on a mission to find her son, the only problem was up until two days ago she never knew she had a child.

Life for Amy is not worth living anymore; she has been brutally attacked; her nightmare of an abandoned child is seeping into her reality. There is only one person who can stop Amy's mission for death, Stephen. However, what Amy doesn't realise is falling helplessly in love with him will just lead her down a dark and deadly path and right into the middle of an angelic war.

It’s only when we get to meet death personally and stare deep into its soul, which we will ever really feel the raw emotion and fear that it brings into our lives. We all think about it, sense when it's coming but like most unpleasant thoughts, we disregard it, choose to ignore the niggling doubts our instincts are so desperately trying to warn us about. So when I walked home that night, taking my usual route across the isolated beach, why didn’t I listen to mine?               I felt danger was coming; my body was trying to warn me that something wasn’t right. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up in protest, as I refused to listen to my gut and take the long route home.                                                                                                      Fear was travelling through my veins, pumping its venom straight to my heart, drowning out the sounds of the crashing waves as the pounding over took. Even so, I was too late, I was nearly at the other end and it would be quicker just to keep moving. The clouds were closing over me and the sun was far out into the distance, ready to rest its tired head for the night. There would be no point turning back now. So I lunged forward towards the exit, desperately trying to get to the stairs so I could take the last step off the cold wet sand and onto the familiar stone of safety. But as I placed my left foot on the step and relaxed my soul, I felt a sharp pain at the back of my head. 

A little bit about K.M. ...

K.M.Hager lives in Devon with her family. When she's not being a mother or a referee to her two children, she tries to get on writing her Tears of the fallen series.


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I think that cover is kind of scary...