Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ZOMBIES take over the world!! WEEK 1 ~Casting Couch~ Love at the End of Days by Tera Shanley

Week One: Witches, Angels and YA: Win Books by Cherie Colyer, Lisa Sanchez, Carol Oates
Kate Evangelista, and Trish Wolfe

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The witches in Cherie Colyer’s Embrace Series love peppermint mochas. Are you a mocha fan, or are you on Team Pumpkin Spice Everything? 

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Love at the End of Days – 
Casting Couch

Hi, all! As you’ve probably gathered, the second book in the Dead Rapture trilogy, Love at the End of Days, is releasing. If you’re looking for an action adventure romance set during the zombie apocalypse, this book is going to be your jam.
I was asked recently, with a smile and a wink, when are the movies were coming out? And you know, that’s actually fun to think about! So in the vein of that smile and wink, I’m going to cast the future box office hit by casting the characters.

She’s a big one to get right, and the actress would have to nail her snark with a touch of bravado, while at the same time carrying her internal struggle and vulnerability that comes with surviving and finding her place in the apocalypse. And with her impressive acting chops and blond hair and bright eyes, who better to play Vanessa Summers than Amanda Seyfried?

Hero, leader, father, flawed human whose sole focus has been on saving the people around him until now. He’s struggling to find human connection as his focus shifts in this book. He would need an actor who can carry serious, and good under pressure with a nod to his wicked sense of humor. And those piercing blue eyes are a must. An actor who’s up for a heavy bout of this emotional growth? Liam Hemsworth, you’re my man.

Finn is a no nonsense tough guy with shoulders roughly the width of the broadside of a barn. He is Sean’s go-to guard for training new recruits and tackling supply missions. He was devoted to keeping Sean and his daughter safe at the Denver colony, and now he’s made the same oath at Dead Run River. Vin Diesel, shall I call you…Finn Diesel?

Laney and Derek Mitchell
Back from a year on the road, these two have big plans for their future. Little do they know they are about to be swept up in an unexpected adventure with the people they are beginning to see as family. Laney has to be tough but sensitive, and Derek Mitchell needs an actor who can pull off brooding, protective, and a witty sense of humor all at once. The Beauty and the Beast cast fits them perfectly and has already nailed their chemistry. Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, meet your future characters, Laney and Derek Mitchell.

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Tera Shanley - Writer said...

Thanks so much for hosting Love at the End of Days!!! Dear goodness, you rock. And ooooh how I love your zombie girl image in the top banner!