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[Review + GIVEAWAY!!!] Hope(less) (Judgement of the Six #1) by Melissa Haag

Hope(less) (Judgement of the Six #1)
by Melissa Haag 

Our world is being judged and we remain unaware.

In a world filled with people, Gabby is uniquely alone. The tiny glowing sparks filling her mind that represent the people around her, confirm it as does the bizarre inexplicable draw she has on men.

Struggling to find an explanation for her sight while dodging unwanted male attention, Gabby meets Sam. The chance encounter leads to a startling revelation - werewolves are real. 

Hoping the existence of something so extraordinary might lead to the answers she is seeking, Gabby enters into a hidden society where fur is optional. There she meets Clay, the werewolf delusional enough to think he has a chance with her. Gabby's plans for her future do not include a mate, but rather college, career, and then a huge 'we'll see'.

Gabby leaves the furry hidden society behind when she moves off to college, but trouble has a way of following and finding her. When other werewolves start stalking her, and anomalies in the sparks she sees begin to appear, she must count on Clay's help or risk loosing the chance to find the answers she searches for.

First off when Melissa contacted me about reading and reviewing Hope(less), a werewolf story is not what I normally “go for”. The last I read was Twilight and honestly wasn't impressed. I do love MTV’s Teen Wolf but this book is so much more than either of those. Now just so you know I WANT A WEREWOLF  :)

Melissa does such a great job at the world building. We meet 18 year old Gabby. She’s in the last year of high school and in her final year in the foster system. She is looking forward to college and being on her own. She definitely has learned to be strong and very much her own person. She has loved and lost so much that she doesn't get close to any one. Gabby is very different though and has an ability that no one knows she does. She is able to see people in her mind as sparks of colored light, like a map of the location of people around her. She calls it a fish finder for people. One night on the way home from her volunteer job at the hospital she notices a different colored spark, a spark unlike the others and in steps Sam into her life. And he and his werewolfs threaten to change everything she has wanted. At her very last "mating meeting" that she had promised Sam she would attend before going off to college, she meets Clay Lawe and her world changes forever.

OH Clay! He is a lone wolf so to speak. He grew up in the woods and spent most of his time in his fur. We get to know him thru Gabby he is always silent even in his skin but spends most of his time in his fur. And what I love the most is he is ALWAYS there for Gabby. And that’s most of the time sleeping on the end of her bed as her personal foot warmer. (I WANT A WEREWOLF )  He is really quite smart and knows this is the only way Gabby would let him into her life. And the whole bit about him not talking to her until the end made it even sweeter when he did. I LOVED IT!

And the secondary characters were very interesting too, Sam the werewolf “grandfather”  and Rachel her room mate. I loved this world that Melissa created. I was drawn in from the beginning and can’t wait to be able to read the next one.  It was definitely different from anything I have read before. Melissa is an AWESOME writer. The “love story” was so PERFECT! Clay just sat back and did all the things that a guy should do for a girl he was taken with. And Gabby she finally saw what he was and how much he loved her. The ending made me immediately want the next one. I can’t wait to find out more about these two and the others that will be introduced. This has TOTALLY changed my view on werewolf books. :)

I totally gave this book 5 stars!

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