Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BLOG TOUR! [Interview] The Borealis Genome by Thomas & Nancy Wise

The Borealis Genome
by Thomas & Nancy Wise
YA Sci Fi
Date Published: 6/4/2013

New novel The Borealis Genome addresses the issue of increased moral ambiguity as scientific technology advances and removes our sense of individuality. The married authors throw engaged characters Tim and Nora into a scientific nightmare where mind-uploading and a weaponized virus allow the minds of the few to control those of the masses. As the population starts turning into mental zombies can Tim and Nora find the source of this mayhem? And can their love persevere through these harrowing times?

Thomas & Nancy Wise

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?
For Nancy this is a definite Mint Chocolate Chip choice 75% of the time.  Tom is not a sweets person and will gag and hide if you try to feed him ice cream.

What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?
Tom eats the same thing every day for breakfast - oatmeal with raisins.  Nancy goes for the poached eggs benedict whenever she can.

Night owl, or early bird?
Tom sticks to the early to bed, early to rise routine, waking every day before the sun comes up and hitting the gym for a quick work out before work.  Nancy on the other hand is most definitely a night owl.

One food you would never eat?
Nancy – “I hope I never have to eat a grub”
Tom – “I think Nancy and I agree on this one.  Grubs.”
Skittles or M&Ms?
For Nancy chocolate rules, and so M&M’s. Tom will run and hide again if you try to feed him candy.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you "grew up"?
Nancy loved to read the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley and so dreamed of being a racehorse jockey.  Now she loves to read books with flying dragons.  Tom on the other hand wanted to be a marine.

You have won one million dollars what is the first thing that you would buy?
Nancy – I would hire a cleaning service for the home.
Tom – Pay off the mortgage first, then think about other things.

Print or Ebook?
Nancy and I agree on this one.  There is nothing better than holding a good book in your hands when you’re reading.

What movie are you looking forward to this year?
Percy Jackson’s Sea of Monsters.  We agree on this one also. Movies we can watch as a family are the best.

Finish the sentence- one book I wish I had written is....
Nancy – a children’s book.
Tom - I love historical fiction.  I would definitely have loved to write “The Glorious Cause” by Jeff Shaara

What is next on your to read list?
Nancy – Usually Current Events, homework projects from the kids, or Tom’s drafts.
Tom – it has been a long time since I read a book outside of preparing classes for my students.  I think I would like to read the next one from the Shaara collection.

Any other books in the works?
We do have a prequel for The Borealis Genome as well as a middle grade book and another nonfiction for the business side of things planned for print in 2014.

Thanks! You’re awesome! :D

About the Authors
Thomas and Nancy come from very different backgrounds.  Thomas was raised in a military family and lived through the separations of war and the challenges that a family faces when coming back together. Challenges such as injuries and the frailty of the body and shifts in the personality that war bring to a family can force everyone to redefine how they see the themselves and the world around them. Nancy was raised in a family challenged by severe injuries.  Her father was paralyzed and could no longer work causing the family to reform around a new breadwinner when their mother had to take over.

We chose to write a book shaped around these realities and the challenges that new technologies will force societies all over the world to deal with very soon. Mind uploading, neural networks, and human gene manipulation combined with new medical discoveries may become a new reality that we must all understand and learn what it means to our lives. These are realities today that were only science fiction just a few years ago that will soon have a real and direct affect on our lives.

Tom earned his Ph.D. in Organization and Management in 2012 and has other books including “Trust in Virtual Teams,” and “Agile Readiness.”