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BLOG TOUR [Favorite Quotes + GIVEAWAY!] Enter the Night (Book 2 in the Casters Series) by Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty

Enter the Night (Book 2 in the Casters Series)
by Norah Wilson and Heather Doherty
Release date: October 11, 2013
Age Group:  YA/New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Enter the Night Book Description:

In Comes the Night, Alex Robbins, Brooke Saunders and Maryanne Hemlock, three troubled seniors at Streep Academy, learned to escape their pain — escape their very bodies — by casting a dark piece of themselves out through the stained glass window high in the attic of their dorm, Harvell House.

Casting has been the salvation of each of the girls, but particularly for Maryanne. The wholesome good girl of the trio, Maryanne nevertheless harbors a secret — and a darkness — unrivaled by tattooed scenester Alex or beautiful badass Brooke. Casting provides Maryanne a desperately needed reprieve from her guilt and pain, but it’s become like a drug. And as with any drug, it only masks the real problems … and brings dangers of its own.

When Maryanne starts dating Bryce Walker, son of the notorious “Heller” hunter Ira Walker, is it first love, or is there a darker, more self-destructive impulse at play? As the superstitious citizens of Mansbridge begin to mutter and scan the night skies for Hellers, can the hunted lie down with the hunter and emerge unscathed?

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Enter the Night

Comes the Night

 Favorite Quotes from Comes the Night

“Yes, this gentle lady knows my suffering. She’s silent yet offering. And it’s terrifying, what she offers! I will not be damned for what I must do. I. Will. Not!”

AUTHORS: This is a short snippet from the diary of Connie Harvell, a long dead girl who was once held captive in the attic of Harvell House. In her desperation, she created the portal in the stained glass window with its image of the Madonna and child, through which our girls will later escape their own pain.

Alex climbed. As much as her world felt like it was falling apart, she was pulled to the tiny book, like the distraction of discovering its contents would somehow be enough to help her survive this awful moment. She stood on top of the dresser, balanced on her bare feet and reached. With careful, digging fingers she pulled the book from its wooden nest and held it close to her as she climbed down to the floor again.

AUTHORS: We love this passage. After the trauma of waking to find she’d been roofied, raped, and left with no memory of the event, from her position on the floor of the attic at Harvell House, Alex spots the edge of the diary in the rafters. The diary that will eventually lead her to realize she too can escape her pain.

She wrapped her arms around herself, holding the shaking in. Well, until she caught Maryanne, staring silently up at her from where she sat on floor. Alex loosened her shoulders immediately, shrugged them back into a don’t-mess-with me posture, and sat on the floor with the other two girls.

AUTHORS: Bad-ass Alex is having a hard time in the aftermath of her trauma, but in typical tough girl fashion, she doesn’t want the world to know.

She tugged his t-shirt out of his jeans and laid her hands on his skin beneath, and he tipped his head back and groaned. The sound suffused her with a sudden sense of power, and she grabbed at it. Anything to push back the pain, the self-loathing. She did have power over him, with this.

AUTHORS: Every time I read this last encounter between Brooke and Seth and his final, insulting rejection of her, it breaks my heart for lonely Brooke.

NORAH WILSON is a USA Today bestselling author of romantic suspense and paranormal romance. She lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, with her husband, two adult children, dog Chloe, and kitty Ruckus.

HEATHER DOHERTY fell in love with writing while taking creative writing courses with Athabasca University. Motivated by her university success, and a life-long dream of becoming a novelist, she later enrolled in the Humber School for Writers under the mentorship of David Adams Richards. Her first literary novel was published in 2006. While still writing dark literary (as well as not-so-dark children's lit), she is beyond thrilled to be writing paranormal/horror with Norah. Heather lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick with her family. (No pets, but I swear Norah's dog, Chloe, calls me Aunt Heather).

Together, Heather and Norah write dark, edgy, frightening young adult paranormal/horror.

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