Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snowy South

Once every so often, when all the stars line up perfectly, we here in the deep south (Alabama) get a little of the cold white stuff. You have to understand not 5 days ago we were in the 70's. Crazy...I know! But that's the south for ya!

Now for you guys that live up north, snow to you guys no big deal. But down here we get a few flakes and our entire city shuts down. No really! Don't laugh I'm totally serious! Schools get out early, businesses shut down, and people go crazy. So I thought I'd share a little of the wonderful wonderland we are experiencing right now. The snowy south...

My daughters bug!

Well hope you enjoyed it because you won't see it like this for another few years. LOL!!


SK Anthony said...

LoL we might get it a little more often in NY but gosh those pictures are beautiful! Better to snap it before the dirt gets to it... eek! =)