Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Promo & Guest Post + GIVEAWAY] Dazzle by Amber Garza

Book One Delaney’s Gift Series
By Amber Garza
Genre: YA Paranormal

Sixteen-year-old Delaney Scott possesses a special gift. Ever since she was a child, she has known about her calling and the duty she’s expected to fulfill.

However, all Delaney wants is to be normal. That’s why she is drawn to Sam. He can offer her the life she’s always desired. Only Sam has secrets of his own.

Secrets that are deadly. Secrets that can change everything.

Guest Post by author Amber Garza:

When Characters Escape

An interesting thing happens when I write. My characters escape from the page and run around doing things I never expected. And some characters are more difficult to control than others. In ENGRAVED, Amy was always keeping secrets from me. When I discovered them things would suddenly make sense and all was well, but I didn't appreciate her hiding vital information. I mean, you would think she would trust me since I created her and everything.

In PROWL, Wesley was the one who toyed with me, but what did I expect? He was a pretty shady guy….
But in ENTICE and UNVEIL there were a couple of decisions that Kenzie made that caused me to get a little annoyed. I had expected her to be a little more levelheaded than that.

Before beginning to work on DAZZLE, I had penned a detailed outline as always. I started writing, and then just like that I was sideswiped by Sam. Now, if anyone in this book was going to give me grief I knew it would be Sam. He is a bad-boy in every sense of the word. He doesn't listen to anyone and goes about life in his own way. However, his blatant disregard for me and my carefully constructed story drove me crazy.
Lucky for me, his unexpected turn made the story a bit more interesting.  So instead of trying to reign him in, I followed him down the rocky path he set out for me. And just between you and me, I’m pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to stop him anyway. He’s pretty stubborn.

 About the Author:

Amber Garza lives in California with her amazing husband, and two beautiful children. Amber has had a passion for writing since she was a little girl, making books out of notebook paper and staples. As an adult she has worked hard to make her dream of being a published a reality.

She is the author of Christian teen thrillers- the Prowl Trilogy, and the suspense novel, Engraved.

Dazzle is the first book in her new young adult paranormal romance series.

For more info on Amber and her books check out her website. Or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Goodreads.

Book Trailer

Now for the GOODIES!! :D

I will be giving away a bookmark and an ebook. 

Tour Wide Giveaway: Prize pack includes temporary tattoos, bookmarks, an ecopy of Dazzle as well as an ecopy of one of Amber's other books (your choice).

What do you think? Let me know.

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Elisabeth said...

I love it when I'm writing and I learn things about characters I didn't know. I take it as proof of magic. =)

Unknown said...

Thank you for participating in the tour. YOu did a great job with the post. Your blog is amazing!!
Amber Garza

Cameo Renae said...

Awesome post!!! My characters do the same thing!!! Always changing things up...ugh! LOL I can't wait to read your books, Amber!!!

Chrystal said...

Awesome post. I love the cover on this book - adding to my wishlist now. :)