Monday, October 1, 2012

[Blog Hop & Giveaway] Halloween Sucks - Says Lily Drake!!


Welcome to the Halloween Sucks - Says Lily Drake blog hop on Oct 1 - 5th!  This blog hop is sponsored by Inkspell Publishing, in celebration of T. Michelle Nelson's upcoming release, The Life and Death of Lily Drake.  There are more than 50 bloggers participating in this blog hop, talking about vampires, hottest, best vampire fiction, their favorite vampire, etc.  So what is this blog hop about? It's all about VAMPIRES.  There is also an AWESOME GIVEAWAY at  the bottom of the post.  Don't forget to visit all the other stops on this blog hop and see what everyone else has to say about vampires.  

Of all the stories out there, I can only say I've ever read three really amazing novels that deal with the  female vampire. Basically, those books are the legendary Meyer's Twilight series, Julie Kagawa’s new book called The Immortal Rules and T. Michelle Nelson's about to be released book, The Life and Death of Lily Drake. I will say Bella is a cool chick, Allison Sekemoto in Rules, can definitely kick butt, but Lily is an awesome vampire. Being a mom I can definitely relate to Lily Drake. I read The Life And Death Of Lily Drake for the upcoming blog tour and let me tell you in my opinion she puts the other female vampire protagonist to shame. She is one "bad momma" But you know, she is "older" and a mom. Something happens in us moms when events start involving our babies. We will do anything to protect them.

Lily steals the show when it comes to being a freaking amazing vampire. She doesn't want to be changed into that "chosen" vamp that all of the vamp's are talking about. She has more important things to consider, like her 12 year old son, instead of killing the rouge vampires. Then one event changes everything and her human life draws to a close because it's the only way to save the one thing she holds closest to her heart in her life.  Lily knew the life she knew would change forever when she made that decision. But sometimes moms have to do things we wouldn't otherwise do for our children. Within just a few moments her life changed for eternity.

Now a member and a leader of the undead population, Lily would accept this life and get her happily ever after. Well isn't that what we all want. Right? 


"For Lily Drake, slaying vampires is easy...Dating them is the hard part." Join the release party on Oct 5th at Inkspell Publishing website to find the Blog hop winners!

Find out more about Lily Drake's author T. Michelle Nelson on her blog. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads.

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So who do you think is the best vampire around? Leave a comment and tell me!! 
Have Fun!!

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Jessabella Reads said...

This seems like a really fun read. I love the cover and it's something different where vampires are concerened! Looking forward to reading this one!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for participating, but thanks even more for the incredibly wonderful review! I'm so happy you liked the book!

T. Michelle

Sasha said...

The best vampire around? That's a toughie, but in my post I put Stefan Salvatore. I'm a sucker for the vampires who struggle with their humanity but are good at heart :)