Sunday, March 22, 2015

REVIEW TOUR [Review + Giveaway] Four Rubbings by Elizabeth A. Hotes

Four Rubbings
by Elizabeth A. Hotes
Young Adult Paranormal Thriller
Date Published: August 2013

The night the barrier between the dead and the living is as thin as muslin. Fourteen-year old Josie, haunted by the death of her mother, leads her best friends to an ancient cemetery to rub graves. Convinced she will come away with proof of her mother’s spirit at last, the evening takes an unexpected turn as the teens gravitate four ways into the haunted grounds.
Set against the backdrop of the rainy Pacific Northwest, four graves will be rubbed, touching off a series of events that will rattle their once mundane lives. From the lonely World War II hero to an accused witch, the people buried beneath the stones have stories that need an ending.
The journey to unravel the mysteries leaves the friends wondering if the graves would’ve been better off left alone.

Four Rubbings was a very unique book. Pretty much unlike anything I’ve ever read. 

Four teens set out on Halloween night to go to the cemetery to do a rubbing of a grave stone of their choice. But instead, the grave stones in some ways choses them. 

This book follows the teens as they research the people’s lives of the graves they had rubbed. Finding out the stories behind the dead buried there (a baby, a war hero, a priest and an accused witch) and that those spirits all have stories that need to be told before they can rest.

Four Rubbings is a book about friendship, growing up, dealing with death, and that every family has their own problems. I did enjoy this book and all its occasional creepiness and the mystery of the graves that kept me turning pages to find out  more about the kids, their lives  and their spirits. 

The ending was great and now I’m looking forward to the next one!

4 Stars

Encouraged by her mother-in-law, Elizabeth A. Hotes, who told her to create something and share it with others, Jennifer writes and illustrates to keep her memory alive.

To date, Jennifer’s favorite medium is pen and ink, but she also loves to paint a wall or canvas.

Her works have been featured at benefit art auctions, adorned the walls of public spaces, graced  homes and enhanced books with vibrant covers and internal illustrations.

Four Rubbings is Jennifer’s first novel, though she’s busy writing the second book in the Stone Witch Weries presently. Four Rubbings is great for readers that enjoyed the Harry Potter series, and has been a fun book club pick across the country. The author loves Skyping into book clubs, so email her and ask – she may just surprise you with a cyber visit!

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