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COVER REVEAL: Deathly Contagious by Emily Goodwin

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Deathly Contagious by Emily Goodwin

Release Date: August 26,2014 Permuted Press Deathly Contagious: Book Two in the Contagium Trilogy

After the discovery of a zombie-proof safe house, things are finally looking up for Orissa Penwell. But her chance at happiness is shattered when someone she cares about is shot. Hell bent on revenge, Orissa will do whatever it takes to seek vengeance and get even.

Things quickly go from bad to worse and she finds herself lost and abandoned—and forced to face the zombie plagued world on her own. When lies, secrets, and desperation are added to the already harrowing world, Orissa discovers that zombies aren’t the only things to worry about.

What—or who—will justice cost her? And just how far will Orissa go to avenge someone she loves?

The Contagium Series swept the Contagious Reads Horror Con Awards this year winning 7 awards. Watch the official Contagious Reads Horror Con Awards to see what she won!
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About the Author

Emily Goodwin

Emily Goodwin is the international best-selling author of the stand-alone novel STAY, The Guardian Legacies Series: UNBOUND, REAPER, MOONLIGHT (releasing 2014), The Beyond the Sea Series: BEYOND THE SEA, RED SKIES AT NIGHT (releasing 2015) and The Contagium Series: CONTAGIOUS, DEATHLY CONTAGIOUS, CONTAGIOUS CHAOS, THE TRUTH IS CONTAGIOUS (Permuted Press).

Emily lives with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd named Vader. She has degrees in psychology and nursing. Along with writing, Emily enjoys riding her horse, designing and making costumes and Cosplay.  

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