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VIRTUAL BOOK TOUR [Character Interview + Giveaway!] Protostar (The Star-Crossed Saga #1) by Braxton A. Cosby

The Star-Crossed Saga
Book 1
by Braxton A. Cosby

Genre: Young Adult/Sci-fi Romance

Publisher: Winter Goose Publishing
Date of Publication: April 16th, 2014

Cover Artist: Winter Goose Publishing

Book Description:

On the brink of civil war, the Torrian Alliance continues with its mission to obliterate Star-children across the universe in order to suppress an intergalactic evil. Following the recommendations of his council, King Gregorio Derry reluctantly agrees to send his only son William on a mission to restore honor to his family name.

William seeks to complete his assignment, the elimination of a Star-child named Sydney on planet Earth, but when the assassination is delayed he begins to realize an emotional connection with his target.

With conspiracy threatening his home planet, and a hidden menace on Earth seeking to secure a vested interest, William finds himself torn between irrevocable duty and sacrificing everything he stands for to defend Sydney.

As William and Sydney struggle to overcome their impossible circumstances, they start to wonder if the connection of two Star-Crossed lovers will be enough to save them from certain doom.

Seventeen Years Ago . . .

Sarah stood atop the mountainside looking out into the sky. The expanse of rich darkness and scattered stars reminded her of home. She desired to return there someday, but knew that she couldn’t. Things had been set in motion. There was no way to turn back now, even if she tried.
Still, something within her body felt wrong.
Is this the right place, right time? she thought.
Maybe the details got skewed, blended together, lost amongst all the immaculate planning. Even they were known to be wrong sometimes. She hoped against all hope that they weren’t. But stars never lie. She gazed into the sky. Their configuration—constellation after constellation, linked like a chain, with the Star of David perched in the center—was picture perfect. This had to be it. All she had to do now . . . was wait.
And wait she did.
Hours passed as the moon slid by. Just as her mind began to fill with doubt, it finally happened. The ground underneath her shifted, rocking her from side to side, up and down, as the stars burned brightly. She braced herself, running down from the mountain the best she could. Her old bony legs wobbled, struggling to keep her upright as she negotiated the uneven layers of rock and grass. A loud crashing noise like the banging of cymbals lit her ears on fire as the sky parted, sending a tiny bright shard screaming across the black canvas, growing larger as it drew near.
Her eyes snapped to the road—the projected point of impact. But one detail had been missed.
Unaccounted for.
Someone else was there.
A vehicle sped down the dusty road, on a straight collision course with the object, which continued to grow larger and larger as time ticked on. Sarah waved her hands as wildly as she could screaming, “Hey, you have to stop!”
But her screams went unnoticed. She gasped as the object crashed to the earth, tearing the car into pieces. She squinted, filtering the heat from the explosion as she moved in closer to examine the wreckage.
A gaping hole where the roof used to be greeted her, revealing the charred remains of the female passenger. She scanned the rest of the vehicle for survivors, finding only the shell of the driver white-knuckled to the steering wheel.
Her heart dropped.
The muffled sound of a baby crying tickled her ears, urging her to examine the object in the passenger seat more closely. It resembled a meteor, covered in craters and black ash that sent her into a coughing panic. A small crack in the outer shell provided just enough space for her to look inside. Reaching out for the door handle, she grabbed it with both hands—wrinkled fingers trembling as she ripped the car door free—tossing it by the wayside. With a sigh of relief, she peeled back the shell. Black smoke stung her eyes as her hands burned from the heat. But Sarah ignored them both, pressing forward with her mission. Nothing would stop her now. With wet eyes she smiled, finally finding what she was so desperately looking for—a baby girl.

Henry Gladston

So, tell everyone your name.
My name is Henry Gladston. 
Thank you for participating in this interview. Can you please tell the readers a little something about yourself?
Yes. I am the acting Sheriff of Madisonburg, Tennessee. It’s a quiet town most times, but I’ve been known to hunt down a gang leader a time or two. I protect the town, but a widow named Sarah and her grand-daughter Sydney attract the majority of my attention. Sydney is my god-daughter. Sarah’s son was a good buddy of mine and he had asked me to take on that role prior to being killed in a freak car accident. 
That’s excellent. Now, your role in Protostar; do you consider yourself a villain or a hero?
I’m the hero of course. The shine on this here badge hanging from my chest tells you so. Things have gotten a little crazy ever since that massive earthquake shook the Square. Even damaged the old clock tower at the City Hall. Then there was the sudden arrival of that slick talking boy William. He showed up at Sarah’s the other day and everyone’s all ‘googley’ eyed over him. I’ve got my suspicions and I’m not going to allow him to hurt a sole. 
Interesting. What do you love most about your character?
I’m an old cowboy from head to toe. Classic throwback to the days of old. I shoot first and ask questions later. I don’t have the patience, nor the tolerance for young people making a mockery out of the town. I’ll haul their buts down to the station in a heartbeat. And anyone that comes into Madisonburg trying to disrupt the balance of peace will get exactly what they’re looking for: a ruckus. 
And what do you hate most?
My soft spot for Sydney. I let that girl off too many times and it’s almost cost me my badge. People notice, as much as I’d like to think they don’t. She’s one of a kind and the only link to my old friend. I care too much about her sometimes. 
What do you like most about the story in Protostar?
It’s a love story. It spans all that action and no substance stuff that is clogging up the media nowadays. The attention to delivering a book that focuses on the importance of building relationships with substance versus sex and materialism is appreciated. 
This story is to be told over three expansive novels, all told from the deep third person perspective. The author tried to capture a lot of detail and switches back and forth between characters to capture the ‘big picture’ of what is going on in The Star-Crossed Universe. With that being said, the scope of the project is very big. Do you ever feel lost?
Never. I’m a simple Sheriff. I don’t get caught up in all that space flying and technology stuff the author put into the book. It’s definitely interesting how he utilized his knowledge of science to create original technology and still convey that in writing that readers can understand, but for me, what happens is Madisonburg is the heart of the story. These people are my life and I will continue to protect them first and foremost, no matter where the author takes us. 
What is the one thing you would change about your character’s story if you could change anything at all?
I’d love to continue to build the relationship with Dr. Carruthers. Yeah, things get a little heated in the first book, but I can only dream of where we go to in the next installment. 
That’s it for now. And thank you again for stopping by. 

About the Author:

Braxton A. Cosby is a dreamer with a passion for inspiring others to love, in spite of circumstance and convenience. 

His calling to pen a young-adult series that is smart, witty, and thought provoking, has challenged readers to answer the question: What would you choose, love or irrevocable duty? 

Braxton lives in Atlanta, GA, where he co-hosts a local radio show on WAOK which is a mash-up of current events and health and wellness. He also has a blog where he discusses everything from health and entertainment to spirituality and relationships. 

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