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BLOG TOUR [Review + Giveaway!] Lucky Star by Jim Cangany


Lucky Star 
by Jim Cangany

In Annie, E.J.’s found his North Star. In E.J., Annie’s found someone who truly loves her for just her. Everything’s great, right? Wrong! Despite their obvious feelings for each other, somebody’s intent on tearing down the foundation they’ve built. And E.J.’s the target. First his career is derailed. Then his reputation is sullied.

Annie’s determined to find the culprit. But how’s she going to do that when, as her alter-ego Cassandra Lawrence, she has a new album to record and a tour to plan? E.J. desperately wants to prove he’s worthy of Annie. Is it even possible when every time things are headed in the right direction, disaster strikes?

Can they figure out figure out who is so intent on driving them apart and put a stop to it before irreparable damage is done? From Northern California to New York and points in between, our lovers struggle to keep their unlikeliest of relationships alive amid joy, heartache and everything in between. But it’s not until all appears lost once and for all that they learn faith–in themselves and each other–is what matters most.  

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Once again Jim has written an amazing and moving novel.  The exact moment we left E.J. and  Annie in the first novel opens up Lucky Star, the second book in the North Star series.  E.J. is returning  home to Indianapolis after his whirl wind trip, and is on cloud 9 after spending the trip with his new love, Annie or superstar Cassandra Lawrence as her fans know her. E.J. and Annie have fallen head over heals for each other and are madly in love.  You can’t help but think there is nothing that can come between them. But someone is not happy about their relationship and is causing all kinds of havoc for them from E.J’s new job to Cassandra’s new album and her new tour.

Again, I absolutely am in love with E.J. and Annie and I love the front row seat that Jim puts us in to see their lives unfold before our eyes. I don’t think I have ever read a contemporary romance that has left such an impact on me that I cannot wait until the next one.  Once I begin I don’t want to put it down. And like I said in my review of Fallen Star, the first book in this series, this is not my “usual” read. But it’s very obvious that I will be following E.J. and Annie until the very end.

5 HOOTS for Lucky Star!

About The Author:
A lifelong resident of the State of Indiana, Jim Cangany is proud to call himself a Hoosier. The youngest of eight children, he grew up in a household full of books and people. Thanks to the influence of his older siblings, Jim gravitated toward fantasy and sci-fi when looking for something to read. He wrote his first story at age fourteen. A school project, The Magic Coin was a fantasy that involved a king, some bad guys, and, not surprisingly, a magical token.
These days, Jim writes romance on the sweet end. If you ask him what is a guy like him is doing writing romance, he’ll reply, “Those are the stories in my head.” A believer that the world has enough doom and gloom, he likes stories with a happy ending, regardless of genre. He lives in Indianapolis with his wonderful wife Nancy and his two sons, Seamus and Aidan.

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Thanks so much for being apart of this tour!! :)

Liz Flaherty said...

Great review! Of course, it's a wonderful book...

J.C. Kenney said...

Thanks for your time reading and your kind words reviewing Lucky Star, Michelle. Look for the final chapter of Annie & E.J.'s adventures in October. I hate asking people to wait that long, but given the storyline it's important the book be released that month.

J.C. Kenney said...

Thanks, Liz. You're the best!