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BLOG TOUR [Review + Giveaway!] ROANOKE VANISHING (Vanishing, #1) by Auburn Seal

Vanishing, #1
A New Adult/Adult Historical Mystery
By Auburn Seal
Released October 30, 2013
Published by Keys Publishing House

 What if the only thing standing between you and certain death was the spirit of someone long dead?

Avery Lane, a plucky grad student, is determined to discover the fate of the colonists from sixteenth century Roanoke. Nearly one-hundred twenty souls vanished without a trace in August 1597 and their demise has remained a mystery to world's historical experts.  Aided by a ghost from that time, Avery is certain that she is closer than ever to the truth, but soon discovers that some people will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried. Can Avery find the answers she seeks before it’s too late?

About the Author

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I like history.  It was always a subject in school that if the teacher was a good one and could tell it in story form, I never had to study. Auburn Lane made me look up the history of Roanoke and read about it. And after reading the book, I’m thinking Avery’s or Auburn's theory could be right on the mark. This book was history, mystery, a smidge of romance and the paranormal all mixed up in one awesome book. I was totally taken in from the beginning. And Auburn was the perfect storyteller as I sat and watched the history and mysteries of Roanoke unfold before me like a movie.

Avery Lane is a grad student who is very, very, interested in the vanishing of Roanoke and is preparing to present her theory of how and why it happened to her professor,  Jonas Allen. He doesn’t want her investigating any further. He's very adamant about it to the extent that he gets very ugly with her. She believes she can change his mind with more information and come back later. Soon afterwards things start happening. Avery is followed by a car going home and someone breaks into her house and paints a strange symbol on her shower curtain as a warning. Even though things keep happening she is determined even at the risk of not graduating on time, she will follow through with her research with her best friend and a ghost.

Roanoke Vanishing is told from Avery’s POV in the present and Elinor’s POV in the past. Elinor Dare is one of the first settlers in Roanoke and her daughter Virginia was the first born in Roanoke.  I really enjoyed switching between the two perspectives. It was telling Elinor’s story of Roanoke in the past as Avery was finding out the story during her research in the present.  Auburn did a great job in getting her point across in both time periods. The world building and the characters in both worlds were very well developed. And I really enjoyed learning what the settlers went through during this time.  It was very interesting.  I really loved the story from both sides and the ending - how could I not see that coming. I would recommend this book to anyone and history buffs would really enjoy it.

I give Auburn and ROANOKE VANISHING 5 Hoots!!


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