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BLOG TOUR [Author Would You Rather...? + Giveaway!] SONG AND SIGNAL by M.E. Patterson

Welcome to my stop for the SONG AND SIGNAL by M.E. Patterson

* From the award-winning, bestselling author of Devil’s Hand and Burning Cards comes a universe-spanning science fiction adventure. *
Seventeen year-old genius Zakari Sharp has never stood on the surface of a planet, never seen a sun-streaked sky. He lives on a corporate-owned mining facility at the edge of the solar system, with a mute alien for a guardian and brainwashed, muscle-bound ex-convicts for company. The day his father vanished was so long ago that Zak thought he would never hear from him again.
Zak was wrong.
Now, chased off-station by a cabal of mythical assassins, Zak and his best friend Liz embark on a harrowing journey across the galaxy, to find his father’s hiding place and learn the universe-shaking discovery that hides with him. But their enemies will stop at nothing to steal the secret themselves.
Can a teenage boy change the fate of the universe? Or will a nanotech-wielding killer reach him first?

“The kind of storytelling that makes a statement: M. E. Patterson is here to stay.” — Austin Post
“[Song and Signal is] WELL worth the read. Enjoyable and immersive.” — Michal
“Patterson’s work will blow you away… a page turning, roller coaster ride.” — ReviewsByMolly

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Never use the internet again or never watch TV again?
Goodbye TV. I’ve already cut the cord on cable TV – I only watch stuff on streaming or rental, which makes it easier not to get caught in the six hours of watching random junk trap. Though it seems like TV and the Internet are increasingly becoming the same thing, so maybe this question will soon be moot?

Always take a cold shower or sleep an hour less than you need to be fully rested? 
I’ll take the cold shower. I can handle a cold shower. But I need my sleep.

Be invisible or be able to read minds? 
Invisibility, for sure. Can you imagine how terrible it would be to hear all of the rude, awful, miserable thoughts that flit through people’s brains every second? Sure, there would be good things too, and sometimes the power would be useful, but I think mostly it would be a curse. Invisibility, on the other hand? Super awesome.

Speak any language fluently or able to talk to animals?
I have a sneaky suspicion that animals would be pretty boring conversationalists. I doubt they have much to talk about. People, on the other hand, are endlessly fascinating. And being able to have a fluent conversation with anyone on Earth from anywhere, in any culture, would be amazing.

Would you rather be a deep sea diver or an astronaut?
Astronaut. There’s a part of me that desperately wants to explore the space beyond our planet. The deep ocean is fascinating too, and there are probably more actual things down there to discover (space is pretty big and empty), but the universe just calls to me. I’d take that opportunity in a heartbeat.

One wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?
Three wishes in 10 years. I can wait. Of course, this depends on if I can use the one wish to wish for infinite wishes? If so, then I’ll take one wish now.

Have x-ray vision or bionic hearing?
If you’ve ever had a noisy neighbor or a stereo with a damaged, buzzing capacitor, you’ll know why I don’t want bionic hearing. Constant annoyance. I’ll go with x-ray vision, thank you.

M. E. Patterson is a bestselling author of highly-rated horror and science fiction novels for both teens and adult readers. His first novel, Devil’s Hand, was a Kindle bestseller in Horror, and was the winner of Kindle Book Review’s 2012 “Best Indie Horror Novel” award.
In addition to writing fiction, Mr. Patterson is also an accomplished web software engineer and software consultant, currently working with the video game industry. He lives in Austin, Texas with his family.

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