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BOOK BLITZ w/ Excerpt! (Mis)fortune (Judgement of the Six #2) by Melissa Haag

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I washed dishes in the silence of the apartment exhaling a sigh.  The boys cried encouragement shouting Jim and Emmitt’s names.
With a hot dishrag, I began to wash the counter, and lifted the wine bottle Emmitt had forgotten out of the way.  Downstairs Aden erupted in a fit of giggles.
Playing with a werewolf.  No… werewolves.  My brothers were playing with werewolves.  I grimaced at the thought, and continued to wash the counter.  Dinner had gone well.  Jim had brought the boys upstairs, they’d served themselves as Emmitt and Nana joined.  My stomach had turned to ice as I still struggled to come to terms with the reality of my decision.  I was deciding to stay – to live – with three werewolves.  What exactly did that mean?
I threw the dishrag into the sink and shook my head in frustration.  I needed to settle this in my head, settle what it meant for us.  I needed to start asking questions.  I needed to talk to Emmitt.  But the thought of seeing Emmitt change again made my insides turn to Jell-O.
My eyes fell on the wine bottle I’d set back on the counter.  More than half remained, enough to give me courage to ask hard questions and listen to scary answers.  I pulled the cork back out with a pop and slugged down the remains breathing through my nose.  Lowering the bottle, I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and then washed the counter.
After a few minutes, I grew warm and the tension eased from my shoulders.  Not all of it, but enough.  I wished I had more wine, but headed to the stairs anyway.  I wasn’t trying to use alcohol to hide from the answers, just make them less… shocking, weird, scary – the list went on in mind.
At the top of the stairs, I hesitated.  Part of me – the part that was still listing off reasons alcohol use when discovering the existence of werewolves was completely reasonable – wanted to march right back into the apartment and go to sleep.  The other part… agreed.  I turned to go back into the apartment and stopped myself.  No.  I needed answers.  Better now, not later.
I made a face and turned back toward the stairs, marching toward knowledge I really didn’t want to face yet.

by Melissa Haag
Series: Judgement of the Six #2
Genre: NA Paranormal Romance
Publication date: April 30th 2013

Our world is being judged and even they remain unaware.

Michelle, another young woman with an unexplainable gift, finds herself surrounded by the previously undiscovered werewolf society.  Kept prisoner for the predictions that torment her, she meekly follows orders waiting for her opportunity to run. When her stepfather dies, she takes a chance and escapes.

After witnessing Blake, her captor, grow canines, she knows he will do anything to find her.  She needs a place to hide and someone to listen to her predictions so her head doesn’t explode, but knows there’s nowhere she can hide forever, and no one who can protect her… unless she can find someone just like him.

Part of the fur wearing faction wants to use her, another part strives to keep her safe.  The second book of the Judgement of the Six series will raise more questions about the purpose of these gifted few and Michelle will need to fight for answers.  Will what she discovers be enough to help her keep those she loves safe from an emerging evil?

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Melissa Haag currently resides in Wisconsin with her husband and three children. Touch is her first published novel. She is currently working on book three of a separate five book series. To learn more about her upcoming projects, visit her at:

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