Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Zombies Take Over The World Week 4: Va-va-va-vampires: Dead Rapture Series Fun Facts

Week Four: Va-va-va-vampires: 
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 Dead Rapture Series Fun Facts

I have had more fun writing this series than just about any project. One, because ZOMBIES, and two, these characters have burrowed their way straight into my heart. Behind the scenes with every series, there is always a lot going on that readers are likely unaware of, so I thought I’d share some exclusive tidbits that came along with writing these stories.

* Most of the first draft of Love in the Time of the Dead was written entirely by hand on yellow construction paper while in Breckenridge, Colorado (the setting for most of the series).

* I started writing Love in the Time of the Dead a couple of days after our house burned, taking my precious computer and every other electronic we owned with it. Hence, the handwritten manuscript.

* Mitchell was supposed to be the one who died in my original outline. But then that cocky, mouthy sexy man had a different idea. He was relentless at winning my affection.

* Book 1 was originally going to be a stand-alone novel, but at readers’ requests, I began writing Love at the End of Days during Love in the Time of the Dead’s release week. Book 3 followed right after that.

* No cross bow or compound bow makes it into any of the series, though I own one and am familiar with the weapon.

* I’m also familiar with the tree harnesses and ATVs that are used in the books.

* My husband and my father both gift me weapons from my books for holidays.

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