Saturday, June 7, 2014

RELEASE DAY BOOK BLAST ~ Dreamer by Becca Johnson


Welcome to the Release Day Book Blast Celebration for author Becca Johnson and her novel DREAMER!
Dreamer Cover art
Fifteen-year-old Rory Adair has a secret she never reveals to anyone—dreams that foreshadow 
what is to come. Excited about finally meeting the hot, tall, blue-eyed guy from one of those dreams, she is shocked when he turns out to be identical twin brothers Bryce and Ryder Wyatt, both of whom take an instant interest in her and compete for her attention.As Rory tries to use her secret ability to help her decide which brother to ask to the Sadie  Hawkins Dance, the dreams start to change. Something bad is going to happen, but before she can figure out how to warn her friends without revealing her secret, her best friend Stacey goes missing.Rory teams up with Bryce, who has a secret ability of his own. Together they use their abilitie, intellect, and gut instinct to find the missing women. Can Rory sort through her feelings for the Wyatt brothers—and find her friend—before she loses them all?
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