Friday, November 8, 2013

Blog Tour [REVIEW + Giveaway!] Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan

Nightmare City
by Andrew Klavan
Release Date: 11/05/13
Thomas Nelson Publishers

Summary from Goodreads:
Tom Harding only wants the truth. But the truth is becoming more dangerous with every passing minute.

As a reporter for his high school newspaper, Tom Harding was tracking the best story of his life when, suddenly, his life turned very, very weird. He woke up one morning to find his house empty . . . his street empty . . . his whole town empty . . . empty except for an eerie, creeping fog and whatever creatures were slowly moving toward him through the fog.

Now Tom s once-ordinary world has become something out of a horror movie. How did it happen? Is it real? Is he dreaming? Has there been a zombie apocalypse? Has he died and gone to hell?

Tom is a good reporter he knows how to look for answers but no one has ever covered a story like this before. With the fog closing in and the hungry creatures of the fog surrounding him, he has only a few hours to find out how he lost the world he knew. In this bizarre universe nothing is what it seems and everything including Tom s life hangs in the balance.

WOW! I enjoyed Nightmare City from the beginning page to the last period of the last sentence. It felt as though I was watching Tom’s life unfold right before my eyes. Andrew Klavan's writing style is so vivid it played out like a horror movie in my head. And a horror story it was! WHEW!

The story begins with high school student Tom Harding wakes up to what he believes is just another day.Tom finds his mother is missing, and there’s a strange fog which seems to have something in it. There is no one around except for the creatures or  malevolents, in the fog, ready to kill Tom as soon as the fog surrounds him. Tom must find out whats going on and how to get rid of the malevolents. He begins looking for anybody he knows and starts finding people here and there. Tom figures out that it is highly recommended that he tries to stay alive in this dream or he may die for real!!

Tom was a great main character. He's a reporter for his high school newspaper and having the reporter instinct in him, he has to find out the truth and report it, even when people don't want to hear it. He had just recently wrote about how the high school football team who won the championship three years ago won because of the use of illegal drugs. This news caused many people, both among the students and teacher become very angry with him. The fact that Tom reported the truth even though he knew he would be tormented by his peers and teachers, but did so anyway, shows what kind of a person that he truly was.

My favorite part about this book is the biblical/spiritual element thrown in through out the story. Tom knows that he has to find out the truth about what has happened to him and he can either listen to the truth or the lies that are being thrown at him. There are many times during the book that Tom could have just thrown in the towel. But he eventually figures it all out and knows he has to stay alive. We all face things in life that it would be easier to just give up. Tom shows us that if we just hang in there we can make it.

Andrew Klavan's writing is unbelievably realistic. Like I said at the beginning, it was as if I were there watching it.  There was not a moment that I was bored. Now I did have to put it down at night before going to bed because I was scaring myself. LOL!  I am so glad I decided to experience Klavan’s writing. I will definitely be going back for more of him books!


Andrew Klavan is a best-selling, award-winning thriller novelist whose books have been made into major motion pictures. He broke into the YA scene with the bestselling Homelanders series, starting with The Last Thing I Remember.He is also a screenwriter and scripted the innovative movie-in-an-app Haunting Melissa.

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