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BLOG TOUR [Interview + GIVEAWAY!] Finders Keepers (Lost and Found, #3) by Nicole Williams

Finders Keepers (Lost and Found, #3)
by Nicole Williams
Release date: September 16, 2013
Age Group: Mature YA/New Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Description:
There’s tortured. And there’s Garth Black.
His life has been a constant carousel of tragedy and disappointment, including his love life. Of course, applying the term “love” to Garth’s conquests is a gross misuse of the word. Some people were made to give and accept love, and others weren’t. Garth Black redefines the “others” category. He’s made a vow that the day he meets a woman who could sucker him into falling in love will be the day he runs away.
Garth’s plan has one flaw. What happens when he’s already fallen hard for a girl before the warning signs and red flags go up? What happens when the love he’s avoided his entire life brings him to his knees? What happens when Garth Black lets the dirtiest four letter word he’s ever known into his dark, lonely life?
This cowboy’s about to find out he can control some things, and he can’t control others. Number one on the what he can’t control list?
 Bestselling Author
 Nicole Williams

Q: Finders Keepers is the story for the black sheep character in the Lost & Found series. Fans have been wanting a Garth Black book since Lost & Found. Why do you think Garth has captured the hearts of readers?
Nicole: I think as readers, and as human beings, we love to find redeeming qualities in seemingly unlikable people. We crave it. We love rough edges and a soft heart and the harder you have to pry into a character to find it, the better. I think readers really came to love Garth in NEAR & FAR because he’s such a tortured soul, but one who has an incredible depth to him. He’s a character who would give one of his few true friends the boots off of his feet and the last dollar in his wallet. He’s the kind of character that keeps a person guessing and that’s reader catnip, right there!

Q: What was one of your favorite scenes to write in Finders Keepers? Don’t forget to tell us why. 
Nicole: The drive-in scene. I loved making a guy who wasn’t used to waiting for anything have to wait for a first kiss. I love how awkward and anxious he was about it, and I LOVE how those two figured out that first kiss, along with the rest that followed . . .

Q: If Garth were here, what do you think he would say to readers about Finders Keepers?
Nicole: He’d be mortified that his whole damn soul was penned down on paper for the whole world to read. He’d be pissed off at me for being the vessel who published his soul. And then that would blow over and he wouldn’t give a damn because he doesn’t care what people think of him.

Q: What can you tell us about the future of the Lost & Found series? You originally had not planned to make this a series, correct?
Nicole: No, I hadn’t planned on making it a series, but there are certain characters and stories that just stick with me. LOST & FOUND and the gang at Willow Springs was a story and a set of characters I just couldn’t close the door on. I’ve mentioned before that LOST & FOUND is my favorite book I’ve ever written, and I think that’s the reason I made it into a series. I generally aim to write books as a form of escape and enjoyment for my readers, but I felt there were a lot of positive messages woven throughout L&F that I wanted to carry on to other books in the series.

As of right now, I’m not planning on writing any other installments in the L&F series. But yeah, I know I’ve said that before and . . .

Q: Any future writing news you would like to share?
Nicole: I’m working on a new series. An adult contemporary romance series that I can’t reveal a lot about yet, but it’s going to be amped up in the steam department and have an edgy, gritty feel to it. It’s about finding love in the most unlikely of places and battling the demons of a person’s past. It’s going to be a series that takes readers by surprise, I think, but I’m simply consumed writing it right now. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

I'm the New York Times and USATODAY bestselling author of the CRASH series (HarperTeen, S&S UK), LOST & FOUND series, UP IN FLAMES (S&S UK), The EDEN TRILOGY, and a handful of others. I write stories about everyday kinds of people who find themselves in extraordinary kinds of situations. I tell love stories with happy endings because I believe in making the world a better place, and that's one tiny way I can make it so. I'm one of those people who still believe in true love and soul mates, and would rather keep my head in the clouds any day over having my feet firmly on the ground. 

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