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BOOK TOUR [Excerpt & Guest Post + GIVEAWAY] War of Fei (Lore of Fei Series Book 2) by Kathleen S. Allen

War of Fei
(Lore of Fei Series Book 2)
by Kathleen S. Allen

Genre: YA fantasy

Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing

Number of pages: approx. 204
Word Count: 81,449

Cover Artist: Nika Dixon

Book Trailer:

Book Description:

The faeries are ready to declare war on the humans who threaten to take away Fei, the land of the faeries. They enlist the help of the elves who do not trust either the faeries or the humans.

The cost of war almost proves too much for the faeries as more and more of them are lost in battle.

Will it be enough to win their hard-earned freedom or will the battle be lost forever?

I got up to study the maps and fingered Glador’s map to the north. The land of the forgotten elves and where the faeries from Fei escaped.  It happened when the humans began swarming into Fei, taking over the land. Rion, the faerie with whom I joined, had traveled to Glador soon after Cwicseolfor had been born, in order to ascertain how many elves would be fighting against the humans now living in Fei. Rew, Rion’s brother, went with him and so did their father, Rhyn. They flew on our dragons, Bura and Ori. Tashie, my dragon, stayed behind in case I needed her and to nurture her own baby, Shri, who recently hatched.

Character Sketch:
ARIELA-Main character in WAR OF FEI, book 2 of Lore of Fei series, a YA faerie book
Ariela is a small, petite faerie with bright blue eyes and wild, curly golden-reddish hair. She is half-human and half-faerie and she does not have wings. Usually a faerie born without wings has no magos (magic) but Ariela is different. She has glamour, which means she can disguise herself or others as needed. She is gifted with her faerie mother’s talent for healing with special herbs. She uses Laven—similar to lavender, Thistlewold—makes a good tea and is relaxing, helps with minor pain;  Talis---dulls pain but can kill in higher doses, it is strictly regulated, and Chir among others. She is a Healer, part of the Healer class of faerie. Other gifts include being able to sing like the Coryphee class of faerie, make strong weapons like the Forge class of faerie, and she has the gift of Sight which makes her a Cyreer. Given the chance she is also a gifted food maker like the Shimmer, can grow plants like the Dreogan and can sell like the merchant class of faerie, the Cozen. Ariela can communicate with dragons. No other faeries possess these gifts. She is also the mother of a beautiful faerie child who has her own special magos and is a mate to a gorgeous male faerie named Rion who is a member of the Forge faeries. He does have wings and they are golden in color with flecks of red, similar to fire. Rion’s only magos is the gift of weapon making and the gift of glamour which every faerie has once their wings are dry at the Age of Maturity. 
Ariela is strong, independent and although she loves her faerie family she does not feel like she belongs to either the faerie race, because she has no wings and she looks human; or the human race who shun her because she prefers to align herself with the faeries and possesses the magos of faeries. She sometimes makes decisions that are harmful to the ones she loves in order to do what she believes is right. And what can help the race of faerie continue. 

A little about Kathleen ...

Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old in one fashion or the other. She has had poems, short stories and novels published. She writes in different genres but YA is her favorite.

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