Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy, #2) by Rhiannon Frater

Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies: A Zombie Trilogy, #2)Fighting to Survive by Rhiannon Frater

Summary: (Goodreads)

Katie and Jenni have found new lives with the survivors of their makeshift fort, but danger still lurks. Nothing is easy in the new world where the dead walk and every day is a struggle to keep safe.

As the elements, bandits, and the zombie horde threaten their safe haven, Jenni and Katie join the other survivors in fighting to survive as the world dies.


WOW *clapping hands* another awesomely written zombie book by Rhiannon! I need my towel and my Gatorade because the entire last half of the book I feel like I have run a marathon or maybe I've just ran from a herd of zombies *wiping forehead*. So much was happening I couldn't put it down.  So many zombies.... new people to the fort....I was on the edge of my seat (bed). *Deep breath* I feel like I need a breather *oxygen please* before I start the next book. This one ended with everyone ok (well at least those that where still ALIVE!!) I'm so scared of what might happen in the next book that I just want to remember them all as they are right now in my mind. :0)

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