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BLOG TOUR [Interview + Giveaway!] Before They Find Us by Michelle A. Hansen

Before They Find Us 
by Michelle A. Hansen 
Publication date: November 2013
Genres: Romantic Thriller, Young Adult

I’m going to make you wish you were dead.

Just a text. Seventeen-year-old Rebecca Hales tries not to worry. Probably a wrong number. Not really meant for her, and definitely not related to the crime she witnessed six years ago. Right?

Then two states away, a bomb goes off in her best friend’s locker. Soon Ryan is labeled a terrorist and runs to the safest place he knows—Rebecca’s house in small-town Wyoming. It doesn’t take long for the FBI to show up asking questions. Rebecca lies, of course, and says she hasn’t seen him.

Now she’s neck-deep in it with him, whatever “it” is. The only way out is to return to Vegas, where Ryan is a wanted man. The city of lies and illusion tests Rebecca’s wits as she struggles to find the person who framed Ryan and why.

Is Rebecca’s text linked to the bombing? And what does it have to do with a six year old murder? Rebecca needs to find out before she loses Ryan—and her own life.

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Do you like the spotlight or lurking in the shadows?

I’m a spotlight kind of girl in the right circumstances. Among strangers, I keep to the shadows. Still, I enjoy public speaking, teaching and meeting new people. I just prefer to be introduced rather than having to strike up a conversation. 

How many books are in your TRB pile?

At least two dozen—books I’ve bought, books I want to buy and books by people I know that I haven’t gotten to read yet. My personal bookshelf is mostly unread books. Once I read a book, I usually hand it off to someone. If it’s good, I just have to share it.

What is next on your to read list?

 Mexican-Whiteboy by Matt de la Pena. 

I had the privilege of spending the day with Matt at Cavalcade of Authors in Pasco, WA, and I listened to him speak to groups of high school students. Matt is not only a great writer, but an all-around amazing person. 

What one item would you eat for the rest of your life?

Artisan bread with good cheese. I live on bread & cheese.

What is the last thing you bought?

I saw these shoes, and I had to have them. I’m going to wear them to the Before They Find Us book launch party next month. 
Anyone who has read the book can understand why I had to have them. 

Pet Peeves?

Really. Slow. Cashiers. It’s inevitable that you land in that line when you’re in a hurry. 

Pizza or Pasta?

  I love Pasta. 

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I like silence. If I’m alone, I don’t want music or noise. I love the sound of quiet. I have to wear earplugs when I write. I’m also a compulsive list-maker.  

If you had 24 hours alone how would you spend it?

Reading, writing and thinking. I wouldn’t be bored for a moment. I rarely have time alone, so that would be a vacation for me!

If you could meet one person who has died who would you choose?

My paternal grandfather. He died when my dad was five, and I’ve always wondered what he was like. I’ll look forward to meeting him when I move onto the next life. 

What do you do in your free time? 

I am a crafter/ DIY junky. I make jewelry, soap, lotion, wood projects. I love all things creative. I can’t draw, though. I wish I could. And speaking of crafts, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for the Before They Find Us necklace, which I made. 

Can you share a little about the current title you are working on? 

My work-in-progress is an exploration of what might happen if big business took over education in America. It’s my thesis for an MFA with the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, and I’m still trudging through the first draft. The book has been kicking around in my head for about ten years. It was time I tackled it in earnest. 


Thank you, Michelle, for having me on your blog! I hope you enjoy Before They Find Us. 

Michelle A. Hansen was raised in southeastern Washington. She earned her bachelor of arts degree in English teaching from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and taught high school English for six years.
Michelle loves Pepsi and Doritos more than chocolate. She loves summertime and hates to be cold. She has had three near-death experiences. She’s addicted to office supplies and has an irrationally large stash of pens and notebooks.
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Giselle said...

I'm totally the opposite on silence I hate it! I even need to have a fan going in the bedroom at night or it's just too quiet!! >.< And now I want bread and cheese!

collenga said...

Wow, your book sounds amazing, cool interview too ~I LOVE those shoes~